Places4Students has reached its 15th year in business!


1999 – Market Research

In May 1999, our market research began. The data collected confirmed the need for improved student housing solutions. This became the foundation for our business model and website.


2003 – New Website Launch

After 4 years of intensive market research, Places4Studencts.com was launched in 2003. The University of Windsor Student’s Alliance was our 1st partner school. UWSA is still with us today!


2004 – Quick Growth

Within our 1st year of operation, Places4Students grew quickly by adding 4 colleges in Canada to our partner school list, and 2 in the USA.


2005 – Expansion in North America

Over the course of 2005, Places4Students rapidly expanded across the USA, establishing partnerships in multiple states. By the end of 2005, Places4Students had over 15 partner schools throughout North America.


2008 – 50+ Partner Campuses

Within 5 years, Places4Students increased its partnership to 50+ campuses across North America.


2012 – 100+ Partner Campuses

In 2012, our number of partner campuses passed the 100 mark. By the end of 2012, Places4Students was operating in 2 provinces in Canada and 15 states in the USA.


2013 – Further Development

In 2013, Places4Students expanded into Western Canada. We now operate in 3 provinces: Ontario, Nova Scotia and Alberta. Expect to see further expansion soon!


2013 – 10th Anniversary

We are celebrating our 10th year in business by launching a new and improved website. Our users will enjoy a variety of new features and services!


2014 – Mobile Application

P4S went mobile in 2014 introducing a brand new mobile app for iPhone and Android users. Students can now search for accommodations and roommates right on their smart phones.


2015 – 140+ Partner Campuses

In 2015, our number of partner campuses grew to over 140! Places4Students also expanded further into Western Canada by partnering with new schools in British Columbia.


2017 – 160+ Partner Campuses

In 2017, we grew to 160+ partner campuses within North America! We also updated our website’s mobile friendly functionality, as well as accessibility for disabled users, to meet ever-changing technology.


2018 – 15th Anniversary

We have reached the milestone of 15 years in business! Our service offers exceptional customer service and marketing, a user-friendly website for students, plus flexible business models to meet the needs of our clients!


Helping Students Find a Home Away from Home!