The 5 Most Visited Pages on Student Housing Websites

Monday, March 20, 2017

Guest post from Catalyst.


There’s a lot of debate around what’s most important to a student when it comes to their living preferences. Do they prefer good rates over a good location? What amenities make a property truly stand out from the competition?


We decided to try to answer some of these questions by looking at what parts of a student housing website are most visited by users. We aggregated data from over 40 student housing properties across the U.S. with a variety of site designs, menu structures, and property features to figure out what students are looking for when they land on a property website.

Excluding the home page (because let’s be honest, who didn’t expect that to be number one?), here are the five pages with the most page views across the websites:


  1. Floor Plans (14.57%)
  2. Residents (8.84%)
  3. Photos (5.82%)
  4. Amenities (5.15%)
  5. Contact (3.34%)


Floor Plans: 14.57%


Since this is by far the most visited page on a student housing website, the Floor Plans page needs to be front and center. This page is informational, meaning that students are going into it with an idea of the information that they want to get. It’s important that this page provides all of the information that the student is looking for. If a student finds this page but doesn’t get the information they want, they’ll likely leave the website to seek information elsewhere.


Residents: 8.84%


Not surprisingly, the Residents page came in second. From the data we collected, traffic to this page increased drastically at the beginning/end of the month because of rent payments. While this might seem like a useless metric, it’s important to not neglect the Residents page. The best purpose for this page is resident retention — use it to showcase upcoming events, renewal specials, and more.


Photos: 5.82%


The Photos page is also informational, but in a different way. When a student visits this page, their expectation is going to define how they feel. Students expect high-quality imagery of every piece of your apartment complex. Good photography allows you to tell a story and give the user a virtual tour of your space. Speaking of virtual tours, this is a great place to utilize 360-degree visuals so that your audience can explore for themselves.


Amenities: 5.15%


Coming in a close fourth is the Amenities page. The Amenities page is informational, but lacks defined expectations. A student could expect anything from simply a gym to a giant indoor pool with a slide. The Amenities page is the place to sell your property and show why it’s better than the competition.


Contact: 3.34%


Potentially the most important page on this list, the Contact page is a direct conversion page. The Contact page allows both prospects and residents to take action on your website, such as filling out a form, getting directions, or calling the property. Giving your audience a central location to take the necessary action is crucial to making your website effective.

Using these five pages correctly can mean the difference between getting prospects from your website or watching them fall into your competitors’ arms. Make sure to provide your users with all of the information they need on every page.

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