Decorating an Off-Campus Housing Space to Appear Bigger

Monday, September 12, 2022

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Most student housing accommodations can be smaller in size than standard apartments. Whether it’s a room in a house, shared unit, or tiny apartment, optimizing the space will create the illusion of a bigger area.


Use Organization to Your Advantage

  • Colour code the things on your shelf. This creates a feeling of structure.
  • Make use of hidden storage and multi-purpose items.
  • Remove drapes and unnecessary rugs. Use small and minimalist fixtures to avoid taking up space. Hang light-weight mesh or cloth blinds.
  • Organize furniture to one side of the room to help create a clear pathway, which prevents pumping into things and the feeling of claustrophobia.


Make the Room Feel Taller

  • Hang shelves near the ceiling to draw the eye upward.
  • Use low-sitting furniture to leave more space above the head. This creates a sense of area.
  • Hang large statement pieces, such as a mirror or a piece of artwork.
  • Hang drapes close to the ceiling to give the illusion of height.


Make the Room Feel Wider

  • Leave space between furniture and walls to give a sense of openness.
  • Use glass or transparent items for decorating.
  • Mirrors help reflect light and also trick the eye into perceiving there’s more space.
  • Use a bar to hang drapes and extend them beyond the window frame, creating an openness by fully exposing the window.


Remove Visual Speed Bumps

  • Place furniture with exposed legs, allowing air to flow above and below, creating an open feeling.
  • Use stripes to elongate the space.
  • If painting is allowed, paint with all the same colour. This emphasizes the architecture and enables the eye to move around the room seamlessly.


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