The Best Off-Campus Housing Blogs from 2021 - for Landlords

Monday, January 10, 2022

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2021 marked our 8th full-year of weekly blogging about the off-campus housing industry! Many of our blogs provided information on the effects of COVID-19 in the student housing industry and offered suggestions for handling rentals. We've compiled some of our best blogs for landlords from 2021 as a recap.

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1. Avoiding Internet Scams and Fraud

The coronavirus pandemic drastically changed our world in a variety of ways, including but not limited to, a world-wide increase in fraud attempts. Most landlords using have found it to be a safe and convenient way to advertise their rental properties to potential tenants. The following blog will help landlords to identify potentially fraudulent emails.



2. Post-Pandemic Move-In Protocols - What is the New Normal?

As colleges and universities have announced their plans for in-person learning, student tenants look for off-campus accommodations. This blog highlights some of the key changes to move-in protocols that off-campus housing industry leaders have implemented post-pandemic.  



3. Spring Rental Maintenance

Spring is in the air – and that typically means spring-cleaning and maintenance for rental properties. We have compiled a list of recommendations to check this spring to ensure rental properties stay in the best shape.



4. Reasons to Invest in North American Student Housing

Foreign investors have been flocking to North America with an interest in the off-campus housing market for years. After some investigation, we’ve found a few interesting facts for what’s been drawing these international investors.


5. Ever Considered Renting your Spare Room to a Student?

Many students are still finding it difficult to locate safe and affordable housing accommodations due to low vacancy rates. It poses an even greater challenge for international students travelling from abroad. We posed this question to homeowners, “Have you ever considered renting a spare room within your home to a student attending college or university in your community?” See some of the many benefits to having a student tenant.



6. Students Make Great Tenants

Now more than ever, landlords need to utilize effective marketing tools and pre-screening methods. Review our list of recommendations giving landlords insight to young renters and assisting to market rental properties accordingly.



7. Significant Increase in Demand for Off-Campus Housing and how it's Impacting Students

The off-campus housing industry is seeing a substantial increase in demand while supply remains low. This is affecting the student population as they scramble to find rentals near campus. Review this blog for patterns of change and several contributing factors regarding.



8. Resident Experience Effects Tenant Retention

Resident experience is one thing that will directly impact a property’s tenant retention rate and the landlord’s bottom line. The resident’s experience begins at move-in and ends at move-out or renewal. For more information about building a top-notch resident experience program, check out this blog.



9. Doing What is Right Impacts Rental Property Businesses

Landlords join the off-campus housing industry for a variety of reasons. Regardless of the reason, it is still a business. The age-old question remains: where is the line drawn on business ethics? Below are a few reasons why doing what is right is the most profitable and favored choice for an off-campus housing business.



10. Holiday Incentives to Retain Tenants

Tenant retention is a top priority for landlords and property managers. It saves money and often leads to new tenant referrals. The holiday season is a great time to build those landlord-tenant relationships. Here are some tips on how to spread the holiday cheer.



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