Tools for Transitioning to Online Classes

Monday, April 20, 2020

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The effects of COVID-19 have been far reaching and resulted in changes to our education systems in North America. While colleges and universities have been transitioning to online classes, students are trying to adapt to learning outside of the classroom.


Below are some tools, tips, and applications to help make this time of transition smooth and successful for students.


Set-Up a Designated Work Area:

It's very important to set-up an area that is specifically for working on your classes and assignments.

  • Remove distractions and keep your space tidy
  • Place a few objects in your work area that will make you enjoy being in that space


Determine a Schedule:

Keep structure to your day by setting up a schedule that works best for you. Even though your classes may not all have specific login times, it will be beneficial to work out a weekly timetable. Here are a few options to help accomplish this.

  • Todoist – helps to organize and prioritize tasks or projects to know exactly what to work on next
  • Utilize the built-in calendar and applications on your phone/computer/tablet
  • Buy a day planner and write your schedule down


Stay Organized:

Take advantage of applications and online tools that help keep track of tasks and provide reminders of what is coming up next.

  • Trello – enables you to manage projects visually using boards, lists, and cards
  • Time Timer – a visual time management app that allows you to schedule specific times for each task or assignment


Other Resources:

Use the online resources that have been made available by your school in online classes and portals. Also use additional apps and support platforms.

  • Grammarly – analyzes your writing, provides reviews, scores and recommends edits
  • StudyBlue – an online platform that allows you to review FAQ’s by the program and your academic institution, also connects students within the same program


Connect Virtually:

Set up virtual study groups to connect with your classmates.

  • Zoom Meeting – host online group meetings with multiple attendees
  • Skype – accessible across multiple platforms 
  • Google Hangouts – host a group video chat through a Google account
  • Quizlet – allows you to create custom online flashcards, classrooms, and have virtual study groups with other people within your program, also enables everyone to contribute to the flashcards and study materials


Stay Motivated:

Find ways to stay focused and reward yourself for accomplishing tasks.

  • Set up personal goals and milestones
  • Provide yourself with unique rewards for staying on track and getting things done before procrastination sets in


Be Kind to Yourself:

This is an unprecedented time and everyone is trying to figure out the best way to get through it.

  • Be open to adjusting your strategy
  • Take time for personal health
  • Remember to look at the bright side of things
  • Use the extra time that would have been spent on commuting to campus for something you wouldn’t normally have the time to do

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