5 Reasons Students Should Move Off-Campus


Friday, February 6, 2015

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There is no experience like college or university. From the time you step foot on campus, you are engulfed in a different way of life that revolves around your class schedule, extra-curricular activities, and school events. As an incoming freshman, living on campus is where you need to be. There is no better way to experience all that your college has to offer. Not to mention you build new relationships, learn new things, and become part of the college buzz.


But there is a time in your university career when living off campus just makes sense. As you progress from a green freshman to a weathered upper classman, living off campus becomes more ideal. And here is why:


Focus on Your Future


It is not that freshman and sophomores are not thinking about their future, but there is a whole experience to enjoy when you are new to the college life. Being in the middle of all the ‘happenings’ on campus is important, but it can also be distracting. As an upper classman, there is the proverbial “light at the end of the tunnel”, which is the first step into your future career. Living off campus will help in avoiding distractions and allow you to focus on finishing your college career strong. This does not mean that you can’t enjoy college; but with graduation right around the corner, there are more important things that require your attention.


Get a Taste of the “Real World”


If you are in college, you have most likely heard this from someone, “just wait till you get to the real world.” They say this as if you have been living in a fairy tale for the last few years. In some instances, college is definitely not like the real world. But, college provides a platform for a young individual to develop the necessary skills to be successful in life and in a career of their choosing.


Living off campus can also assist in these matters. Living in an apartment or house will help in getting a taste of the so called “real world”. Having the extra responsibility of maintaining a home or apartment will help in developing skills that will benefit you throughout life. It will also help in learning how to properly handle finances, which is a lesson that we all need at some point.


More Space is a Must


If you have ever lived in a dorm room or university housing, you know exactly where I am coming from. There is just not enough space. As you progress through your college career, you will be gathering items that you will take with you once you graduate. Whether it is furniture, kitchen items, or others, you will need sufficient space and a college dorm is not going to suffice. Moving off campus will allow you to find the space that you need. Also, with an apartment or rental home, you can purchase the furniture and supplies that you will need once you graduate from college.


More Privacy


As a young college student, you might not mind that someone is always around and you have zero to little privacy. But that will soon become rather bothersome. We all enjoy our privacy and definitely need it when you are in college. It can be hard to study or write a term paper with your roommate talking on the phone or playing video games with friends. Living off campus will provide the privacy that you need to focus on studies or even watch a movie without being disturbed.


A Cheaper Option


College is a major investment, one that we have to make. With tuition, books and other expenses, it is crucial to find a way to save some money. Off campus housing presents a solution where you can cut back on housing expenses. Having a lot of roommates is not ideal of course, though it can be fun. But finding a rental home or apartment off campus with friends can lower your rent payments and allow you to save money. And trust me; you are going to need some extra cash once you do graduate. Just make sure that you choose your roommates carefully.

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