The Best Off-Campus Housing Blogs from 2022 – For Landlords

Monday, January 16, 2023

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2022 marked our 9th full-year of weekly blogging about the off-campus housing industry! With the changing rental market conditions, many of our blogs provided information on the benefits of being a landlord and encouraged homeowners with a spare room to rent to a college or university tenant. We’ve compiled some of our best blogs for landlords from 2022 as a recap.


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1. How Does a Perfect Landlord’s Market Affect Off-Campus Housing?


A significant increase in real estate selling prices in most markets has made it difficult for entry-level buyers to get into the market, very enticing for Baby Boomers to sell their homes and investment properties for retirement planning, and others simply tempted to sell unexpectedly for a great payout. This makes for a larger percentage of tenants searching for rental housing. There are two types of rental markets. Learn what they are here and how they affect off-campus housing.



2. What Exactly is Normal Wear and Tear on a Rental Property?


What exactly constitutes normal wear and tear on a rental property and at what point does it become classified as actual damage? Tenants will undoubtedly cause some minor wear and tear, regardless of how careful and mindful they are. This blog includes some practical examples of what would and would not be considered reasonable wear and tear.



3. How Landlords Can Create a Competitive Advantage


Regardless of the rental market conditions, landlords still strive to find suitable tenants for their rental property. Finding a tenant who takes care of a landlord’s investment, cohabitates well with other tenants and pays rent on time is worth their weight in gold.


Looking to create a competitive advantage as a landlord? Here are some tactics to keep in mind.



4. Preparing Rental Units for the Next Set of Tenants


With the completion of each semester, many landlords and property managers will be preparing for a change in renters. We’ve compiled some tips for getting rental units ready for the next set of student tenants.



5. Trends in Off-Campus Housing for Landlords


As with every industry, off-campus housing has evolved. In order to compete, it’s important for landlords to keep on top of trends and benchmarks in the industry. Check out these things landlords should consider in the off-campus housing market this year.



6. Would You Be Willing to Rent Your Spare Room to a Student?


Across North America, low vacancy rates continue to exist and student tenants are trying desperately to compete in the rental housing market. Have you ever considered renting a spare room to a student? Here are several benefits of many to renting to a student.



7. Fall Rental Maintenance for Off-Campus Housing


Preventative rental unit maintenance is an important part of being a landlord. It’s recommended that landlords do at least one yearly examination of each rental unit.  We’ve listed some suggestions to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and keep tenants safe.



8. How to be a Proactive Landlord


A landlord’s work is never actually finished once a lease has been signed. Should any issues or tenant concerns arise, a landlord needs to be available to problem solve and address the topic at hand. Here are some tips to assist landlords with how to be proactive in the rental housing industry.



9. FAQ’s for Landlords Renting a Room to Students – Part 1 has been encouraging residents in the communities surrounding our partner schools to consider renting their spare room to a student, due to low vacancy rates. As a result, we have received many questions from interested people and shared a lot of related information during the last several months. A summary of information and answers to the most frequently asked questions can be reviewed in this blog.



10. FAQ’s for Landlords Renting a Room to Students – Part 2


This blog is a continuation to the one referenced above. Check out more frequently asked questions along with the answers.




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