Roommate Horror Stories from Reddit - Part III

Monday, October 17, 2022

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In recognition of Hallowe'en, we're re-sharing some of our favorite roommate horror stories from Reddit all month!


Check out these unbelievable stories...


  1. First Night Fears

Moved into our new place for 8 hours. I went to bed exhausted and thinking we got everything inside. Woke up to find that I had left my guitar and all my guitar stuff in my car overnight. Unlocked. It was all stolen. The FIRST NIGHT THERE!
CallMeJeeJ  Reddit




  1. Bugging Out

"As I was taking down all the cabinets in the kitchen on moving day, I found a hole in the wall...with a MILLION BUGS NESTING INSIDE. It was horrifying, and I'm still having nightmares."
— Author Unknown — theRefinery29


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  1. Not the Fern!

I helped some friends move once; we got everything loaded into the hired van, got it parked near the new place, only to find out they didn't have the keys. Left the van parked there overnight, came back the next morning (with the keys) to find that the van had been broken into. Smashed window. A full inventory check later, turns out that the only thing they nicked was the potted plant; everything else was still there.
— grigri  Reddit




  1. The Voodoo Doll

"One day, I noticed my extra-crazy roommate had something hanging from her backpack. When I looked closer, it was a hand-sized voodoo doll — of myself."
— Lydia, Facebook  BuzzFeed




  1. The Butter-Knife Butcher

"I had a roommate once who for some reason hated me. One morning around 3 a.m. I found her standing over me with a butter knife. She had broken into my locked room and then was just staring at me. It freaked me out. I told her she was crazy. A few hours later, on my way to class, she stood at our front door yelling, 'I'm not crazy! I am not crazy!' Yeah sure, whatever you say."
— Lissa, Facebook  BuzzFeed




  1. Halloween All Year Round

“Freshman year, I was assigned to a random roommate who thought she was a mermaid/witch. I came home one day and there was a wet six-foot mermaid tail hanging over my door. She also got permission from the school to swim in the campus pool with her mermaid tail on. I’d also wake up from naps sometimes and it would be pitch black, and I’d hear her and her friends chanting and talking about spells they had made. She was an interesting gal.”
— Clare, 22  Seventeen magazine




  1. Listen Linda – There are Ghosts in Here!
    “We rented to this older couple who we had previously rented to before. The dude decided to have a break down and set the house on fire because he swore it was haunted.”
    — silverfinshark  Reddit



  1. Landlords Lurking
    “He was standing in my room in the middle of the night for no good reason while I was asleep. He said he had to check for mold. I moved out not a week later.”
    — Interpolator1236 — Reddit




  1. The Conspiracy Theorist

“The woman who was convinced that the government was spying on her through her smoke detector. She covered her entire apartment in tin foil and never used her heat/AC. Besides keeping your place cool, AC also keeps the humidity low. Her apartment was so infested with mold, I'm shocked she wasn't hella sick.”
— Invincibleheadphones — Reddit



  1. The Cat lady

“This was in a top floor 1-bedroom apartment of about 650 square feet. We got complaints about the smell emanating from this apartment. Upon inspection, we found a sea of cats living there with two people. Dozens of cats. When we called animal control, it took every truck in the city several trips. The final count? 62 cats! I love cats, but that's too much.”
— DjQball Reddit



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