Low Rental Vacancy Rates Significantly Affecting Student Housing

Monday, August 8, 2022

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Some things are worth repeating - and that's what we have been doing here at Places4Students.com regarding the current student housing shortage throughout North America.


The dire situation could leave some students homeless when they return to college or university this fall. Our team is working hard to ensure that doesn't happen. We've been communicating with all our partner schools to devise a plan of action and circulating press releases to media channels in Canada and the USA for assistance with an outreach to the public.


As part of this national media campaign to raise awareness about how extremely low rental vacancy rates have affected student housing, we participated in an interview with Dan MacDonald on an iHeart Radio talk show (replay posted).


Can YOU help? "Would you be willing to rent your spare room to a student?"


Some colleges and universities are also offering FREE general listings at this time to generate more housing options for their students online (check our website for offers and details). Our customer service team is available to answer questions and help landlords to repost or set-up new rental property listings at 1-866-766-0767.


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The Places4Students.com Team