Schools Asking the Public for Help with the Student Housing Shortage 

Monday, August 1, 2022

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Low vacancy rates continue to exist across North America and student tenants are trying desperately to compete in the rental housing market.  Finding safe and affordable accommodations this year has been extremely stressful for these renters, especially international students travelling from abroad.


Many colleges and universities have been asking citizens in their community to help with the situation, ever since launched our nationwide media campaign to encourage assistance from the public. We have been posing the question to homeowners, "Would you be willing to rent your spare room to a student?"


The University of Calgary is just one of our partner schools also sharing this message to help their students, as seen in the recent news clip and article with Global News.


Some colleges and universities are also offering FREE general listings at this time to generate more housing options for their students online (check our website for offers and details). Our customer service team is available to answer questions and help landlords to repost or set-up new rental property listings at 1-866-766-0767.


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