Resources for Students Living Off-Campus

Monday, June 27, 2022

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Our team posts a weekly blog providing relevant and informative off-campus housing information for both students and landlords. We have compiled ten blogs most applicable for students into a guide* with the following topics:


  1. Budgeting for Off-Campus Housing
  2. Fire Safety & Student Housing – Questions Students Should Ask
  3. Joint Leasing (Group Leasing) vs. By-the-Bed Leasing
  4. How To Form a Great Roommate Relationship
  5. How To Write a Roommate Agreement
  6. 7 Things Students Should Know Before Subletting
  7. How To Write a Sublease Agreement
  8. Can Student Tenants Evict Their Roommate?
  9. What To Do If You Have Legal Issues With Your Landlord
  10. Breaking Up With Your Landlord: How To End Your Tenancy 


* To read or download the complete Guideclick here.


Our team has also compiled a variety of resources* to assist students in the process of becoming a tenant. Several templates are available for students to download and edit. 


Please Note: These documents are just samples and students are advised to seek parental or legal advice when creating/signing any agreements. All rental arrangements and lease documents must be in accordance with the local housing laws for the rental property's city or state/province. 


* To read or download these Resources, click here.

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