Landlord Check List After Tenants Move Out

Monday, March 20, 2023

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There is always preparation for landlords to consider when getting ready for new tenants. has compiled a list of several things for landlords to check during this process.


Change the Locks and Entry Codes – For optimal tenant safety and overall security of the rental property, it is always best to change the locks after a tenant moves out. There many be additional key copies made or codes shared that the landlord is unaware of.


Perform Routine Maintenance Checks – Check all utilities, appliances, and fixtures both inside and outside of the rental property. Ensure there are no leaks or breaks, and that everything is in good, working condition. Routine maintenance can reduce or even prevent repair requests and emergency calls throughout the rental period.


Do Painting or Touch-Ups – Due to general wear and tear, some painting or touch-ups may be required after a tenant moves out. It is best to fix and improve the property before an advertisement is posted and potential tenants schedule viewings.


Take New Photos – For an optimal rental property listing, it is beneficial to take new photos for a rental advertisement, as well as ‘before photos’ prior to move-in. Should there be any rental unit damage, the onus is on the landlord to prove the premises were damaged and not returned in good condition at the end of the rental term.


Have the Rental Application Ready – Once a rental advertisement is posted, it is important to have the leasing process simplified and ready for the potential applicants. The easier the rental process, the better the experience both tenants and landlords will have.


Be Prepared for Rental References – Should a tenant ask for rental a reference, it's convenient to have a draft prepared and ready to complete quickly, just as one would with a resume for a job interview. It takes too much time during this busy period to start from scratch.



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