5 Signs a Student May Be Ready to Live Alone

Monday, May 30, 2022

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Living with a roommate off-campus during college or university can be fun and exciting. It can also provide constant companionship and someone to split the bills with. Roommates come with benefits; but inevitably, there comes a point when students may begin to feel the desire to step out and live on their own.


Here are 5 signs a student may be ready to live alone:


1.  Alone time sounds appealing

  • The noise and bustle of roommates may have become overwhelming
  • Coming home to relax and unwind without interruption is important to you


2.  Finances are stable

  • Expenses and income have been compared in a budget and going solo is feasible
  • You have some savings put away for a rainy day


3.  Adulting isn’t a problem

  • You are capable of paying all the bills on time
  • Cooking and cleaning is okay with you
  • You can keep up with your laundry!


4.  Independent character

  • Rainy days can be handled emotionally on your own without a roommate
  • “Rolling with the punches of life” is a sign of being ready to live alone
  • No fear of living individually


5.  Living essentials have been dealt with

  • You know the commute to school, stores or other amenities and transportation is arranged
  • Furniture (or a furnished unit), linens, kitchen utensils, toiletries, etc. are all lined up
  • Awareness of fire safety, security precautions and lease requirements


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