Ways to Stay Connected from a Distance

Monday, April 18, 2022

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Whether students have been traveling away from family to attend college or university, leaving friends to move back home or in their off-campus residence, every year students deal with being distanced from others.


Below are some fun ways for students and landlords to keep things social while dealing with distance.




Get connected with family, friends, and classmates to enjoy some discussion, laughs, or meals together.


  • Virtual Game Nights – apps like Bunch allow you to set-up virtual game nights with friends and family. Video chat while playing games from pool to trivia.


  • Virtual Family Dinner – pick a family favourite, share a recipe with friends, and set a date where everyone can cook virtually using House Party. Once the meal is ready, sit down and enjoy a much-needed family dinner “together”.


  • Virtual Jam Sessions – music sharing apps like JQBX allow you to set-up playlists that can be listened to in sync with others.   


  • Virtual Book Clubs – set-up a virtual book club with applications like Google Hangouts or Zoom. Set-up a “time to meet” and share your favorite books to read.


  • Virtual Movie Nights – Netflix Party is a Google Chrome extension that allows for synchronized viewing and group chat.  This is a great way to sit and enjoy a movie with the ones you love from anywhere in the world.




Setting-up some fun events for student tenants to participate in can bring a sense of community and belonging to your rental property(s).


  • Virtual Paint Night – pick an image to paint and supply tenants with materials needed. Think about creating a social media campaign through your channels where tenants can upload their masterpieces for others to vote on. Incorporate prizes and giveaways to get people involved!


  • Virtual Trivia Night – use platforms like House Party to engage your tenants in a virtual trivia night.


  • Virtual Dance Party – launch a virtual dance party for your tenants using JQBX. Send out invitations, decorations, and a link to your playlist, so that everyone can set-up their party at home.


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