Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas on a Student Budget

Monday, February 14, 2022

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Valentine’s Day ranks as one of the top national holidays where people spend billions on cards, gifts and apparel for a significant other.  According to CNBC, Valentine's Day spending is expected to reach $23.9 billion this year in the USA - the second-highest year on record. Due to inflation, Valentine’s Day essentials are expected to increase anywhere from 5% to 150% in 2022, varying per item.


Earlier this month, we posted a blog to assist students with budgeting while at college or university. Due to costly tuition and living expenses, many students may not have much room within their budget for extensive holiday spending as others. can help! We have compiled some creative and cost-effective Valentine’s Day gift ideas that are budget-friendly and sure to be loved by significant others!



'Sweet' Gifts:


Are you still getting to know your Valentine? Sweet gifts are often the safe route to go and can be very cost-effective. Let's not forget the famous saying “the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach”. What can be a better combination than a scrumptious gift paired with a witty note?



The ‘Classics’:


There's always the Valentine’s Day classic gift ideas such as a bouquet of flowers, box of chocolates or edible bouquet. If you and your Valentine are of the age of majority, there are also personalized wine bottles available online for ordering, as well lottery ticket bouquets.



Date Night:


Looking to have a more personalized and memorable date? How about a movie marathon with some favorite snacks, making heart-shaped pizza together, an indoor picnic with some special décor or making a fondue. These romantic dates at home can save $100+ on a restaurant bill and avoid the crowds on Valentine’s Day.



Homemade Spa:


Can your Valentine use some pampering? Save hundreds of dollars on a spa gift certificate by creating one at home. Provide the essentials such as bath bombs, special soaps, massage oil, candles, soft music and more.  



Scratch-off Date Surprises:


Scratch-off date books and posters are becoming increasingly popular and can spread date costs over several months, instead of all in one day. This can be a much more budget-friendly alternative and some dates can be cost-free.



Creative Alternatives:


There’s also personalized notes and messages that can melt any Valentine’s heart. This can often be done very inexpensively and provide priceless keepsakes.



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