Roommate Horror Stories - Part VI

Monday, October 18, 2021

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Grab your costumes because Halloween is almost here!


Check out's Top 10 roommate horror stories for this year!


1. The Barber

My ex-roommate used to manscape in the kitchen! - Nizzan370z


2. The Mechanic

My first college roommate stole my car in the middle of the night to go visit her BF because her car was out of gas. What she didn’t realize was that my car had an oil leak and was low on oil. She locked up the engine and totaled my car. Left a note on the fridge and Dear Johned me...moved out in the middle of the night and left me to foot the bill for all the expenses. Real piece of work there. - MojoJojo1979


3. The Chef

He had never made popcorn before. He put it in the microwave for 10 minutes and went to take a shower, at 2 am. Sets off the fire alarm, fire department, and PD come. Room gets searched, room smells like burned popcorn for weeks, my microwave is ruined, and the whole floor was pissed at us. - APe28Comococo


4.  The Garbage Man

I had a roommate who had a trash corner....just months of trash piled in the corner of her room and flies started breeding in it. That's when I had to clean it up myself....4 trashbags. LARGE trashbags. So gross. – BIRDZdontBUZZ


5. The Lurker

Had a sleepwalking roommate at university. One night I woke up with him standing over my bed, his long curly hair flowing down his face...not doing anything, just standing there facing my direction. - elaniu5


6. The Penny Pincher

My freshman roommate put a brand new, fresh set of sheets on the bed when he moved in. When we moved out, he threw the sheets away. They did not leave the bed in between. – RhynoD


7. The Horticulturist

She had mold growing out of her toilet. By growing, I don't mean mold around the bowl, it was more like sea grass. Yuck. - Petetownsdrunk 


8. The Thief

She stole my jewelry, my clothes, and my boyfriend. - Fun-Nefariousness724


9. The Artist

I opened our freezer one day to find an opaque plastic bag with a post-it note stapled to the front that said “do not open, art is in the bag”. Six months later and I’m sitting at the table eating KFC... my curiosity got the best of me and I opened it with my teeth because I’m an idiot. It was a dead bird. She found it on someone’s porch. - redactedname87


10. The Entomologist

My roommate got bedbugs in his room. Decided to not tell me about it for months until they got into the walls of the apartment building and infested the entire building. The cost landed on my lap. It was a $250 USD problem that ended up costing over $7,000 USD. - WerewolfQuiet1474


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