Students: Are There Rooms for Rent in your Community?

Monday, June 3, 2024

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For the last couple of years, has launched a nationwide media campaign to encourage homeowners to consider renting their spare room to a student. Our goal is to help students find a safe and affordable place to live this fall, and rooms for rent seem to be the best option post pandemic due to rising rental rates and lack of supply.


Across North America, low vacancy rates continue to exist and student tenants are trying desperately to compete in the rental housing market. Finding rental accommodations at this time of the year has proven to be extremely stressful for these young renters, especially international students travelling from abroad.


Our team is suggesting that students explore all rental options when searching for housing, especially rooms for rent in a home. It may be more difficult and too expensive to lease an apartment individually, so considering a shared accommodation might be more feasible. Also, some motels and hotels have been renting rooms on a monthly basis to students. Word of mouth is often a great resource, so talking with friends and classmates about your housing search could lead to a room for rent in the community.


Some colleges and universities are offering FREE general listings at this time to generate more housing options for their students online (check our website for offers and details). Feel free to share this information with anyone who may be interested in renting space within their home.


Places4Students customer service team is available to answer questions and help landlords to repost or set-up new rental property listings at 1-866-766-0767.


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