Testimonials - Landlords

  • Working with Lana was a breath of fresh air. She is a great brand ambassador. I was fortunate enough to connect with her when I called in to Places4Students for help. To say the least, I was impressed. I found her to be polite, patient, personable, professional, interested, caring, thoughtful, very attentive, and helpful. She takes pride in doing her job well and helping people. Moreover, she made me feel important. One thing that really impressed me was that she checked everything first before she gave me a final answer on any of my questions to ensure she was giving the right information. Well done.
    University of Waterloo - Waterloo, ON
    Cal Waddell, JR Waddell Property Management
  • My name is Renee from New Jersey and I was new to using Places4Students. This was my first time renting and opening my home to a student, so I was really hesitant at first with regards to using particular websites to advertise. But using Places4Students eased my anxiety about finding and selecting a good fit for my home. The staff is also very helpful and courteous. It was exciting to know that Places4Students was the recommended website for colleges in my area. This way I knew that I would be more likely to get inquiries from people who were legitimate college students. For me it only took one week and my first inquiry ended up being a really nice young lady from another state. We face-timed and I also had an opportunity to speak with a parent. She was the perfect fit and I am elated! Thank you Places4Students for helping me find the perfect student and making this process easy and worry free!
    Rowan College at Burlington County - Pemberton, NJ
    Renee Pratt - Landlord
  • You provided a great service and I was so happy to have your support throughout the years I was renting to Seneca students. I appreciated all the help from your Team when I was first setting up, trying to get the room photos correct to go on-line, benefiting from your experience and expertise....I really couldn't have done it without all of you! And thanks to this great guidance, I attracted wonderful students who never left until they graduated!
    Seneca Polytechnic - King City, ON
    Trudy Loucks Keser - Landlord
  • I needed help with setting up my Ad and called your 1-800 number. AND to my amazement someone answered the phone who was able to help me IMMEDIATELY. Her name was Rosanne and she provided me EXCELLENT service and help. I am so impressed with your website. Great front line help. THANK YOU Roseanne. The Ad was easy to set up. I am very impressed that my Ad goes out to several schools with just setting up one ad. Outstanding experience at a very affordable price. Thank you everyone!
    Simon Fraser University - Surrey, BC
    Suzanna Szabo - Landlord
  • I just wanted to say thank you for making this process of connecting landlords and potential tenants easy, safe and productive. When the pandemic hit I decided to use different websites as alternative prospects to student rentals and I found the experience horrifying. The amount of questionable and obvious false emails was astounding. Not to mention frustrating when following up and vetting inquiries. Once the restrictions had eased, Places4students was my first option for targeted demographic and in less than a week between advertising and arranging on site visits, I have a lease ready to offer to a great tenant. Thank you again for the great service and vetting you provide ahead of time. It eases the burden from landlords perspective.
    Seneca Polytechnic - Newnham, North York, ON
    Steve - Landlord
  • We have been using Places4Students as our only online advertising choice since 2008! It is an excellent site for both landlords and students. It is easy to use; it looks professional and offers flexibility for single properties as well as multiple listings for our clients. In addition to giving us access to the best tenants on the market to fill our homes, the staff have been a pleasure to work with. It is the ONLY choice for landlords in the Barrie market.
    Georgian College - Barrie, ON
    Doris, MyHomeRoom - Property Manager
  • This site really works for me. I enjoy it, it always works well!
    Humber College - Lakeshore, Toronto, ON
    Tuija J. - Landlord
  • This is what good customer service is all about – speak to a live person immediately!
    St. Lawrence College - Kingston, ON
    Doug - Landlord
  • Places4Students has provided advertising for my student rental properties for about 10 years. Their website is user friendly and I particularly like that my receipts/previous ads are always saved. Customer support is excellent - prompt, reliable, and useful feedback is provided when requested. I highly recommend their service.
    Humber College - Lakeshore, Toronto, ON
    Robena - Landlord
  • I have been through many websites, both free and otherwise, and I can honestly say that Places4Students has always come out on top! My ablilty to find choice, educated, career minded, responsible tenants has been its best selling point. Not only does your site do all the work for me because of their easy interface, but all the tenants I've had the pleasure of renting to are now very good friends of mine and I have watched them progress into their careers. Some have even returned to live with me as young professionals, which have proven your site is a site that just keeps on giving! As Condo President, I have neighbors who have watched them come and go and they too have jumped on the Places4Students bandwagon. It appears everyone's had an equally lasting impression...so thank you from all of us!
    Sheridan College - Brampton, ON
    Stephen Celestial - Condo President
  • We were very pleased using your service. We rented our unit out within 6 hours of the post coming online.
    University of Windsor (UWSA) - Windsor, ON
    Krista Ray - Landlord
  • My suite rented out on the first morning to my first caller. I had about 30 phone calls, many saying they would take it sight-unseen if they could be put on a wait-list. Great web-site.
    University of Victoria - Victoria, BC
    Debbie - Landlord
  • You provide an invaluable service to students which I wish were available when I went to college in the late 60's. Glad I could make a vacant room in my house available for a student who is working his way through college the way I did. I have rented already. Your site worked wonders for the transfer student.
    West Chester University - West Chester, PA
    Matt - Landlord
  • After having used Places4Students for over 5 years, I can unequivocally state that they are honest, responsive and always happy to help. Each year as their reputation in schools across the country grows, more and more of our Tenants find us through the Places4Students website. Student Focused, VERY effective!
    York University - Toronto, ON
    Josh - Landlord
  • My son and I have used Places4Students for the last few years to help fill our University rentals. They have a great website that the students love. Whenever we have had a question they get back to us fast. Super friendly and super helpful staff. Getting our ads up is easy with their great site!
    York University - Toronto, ON
    Laura Tittel - Landlord
  • We have multiple properties that are student focused due to location. Places4Students is the most cost effective and overall effective way of getting student to come for a tour. Their website is used by all major educational institutions and every year our ads are more fruitful as more students use their site. GREAT JOB Places4Students!
    York University - Toronto, ON
    Joshua P. Sokolowski, President - Living York Limited
  • I've been using Places4Students for last couple years to rent my rooms and also used it when my son went away to school to find him a place. Great service.
    Seneca Polytechnic - Newnham, North York, ON
    Bonnie G. - Landlord
  • We have used Places4Students for the past 7 years and we are very happy with the whole process.
    Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC) - Annapolis Valley, Middleton/Lawrencetown, NS
    Phyllis D. - Landlord
  • I’ve found that P4S was very effective for finding great students that are committed to their studies!
    Fleming College - Sutherland, Peterborough, ON
    Rachel D. - Landlord
  • I have been renting to students since this program began 15 years ago and think it’s fantastic!
    Georgian College - Barrie, ON
    Betty C. - Landlord
  • We have used Places4Students for at least 6 years and find it our best way to get tenants.
    Fleming College - Frost, Lindsay, ON
    Doug P. - Landlord
  • Great response from using your service! The best tenants we have ever had!
    Cambrian College - Sudbury, ON
    Todd G. - Landlord
  • I have a Pepperdine Law School student renting my room from my last listing with Places4Students. She's attending summer classes that start May 20th and then full - time in the Fall but she rented it as of April 1st because she didn't want anyone else to take it. My best renters come from your listings! Thank you!
    Pepperdine University - Malibu, CA
    Kathy Riggs - Landlord
  • My condo rented after only 2 days online! So naturally I won’t be renewing. Thank you for allowing me to advertise on your site.
    ASU - Arizona State University - Downtown Campus, Phoenix, AZ
    Mike - Landlord
  • I had great results renting my room with your site. The listing was up only one day and I got two interested students. I am happy to say the room is rented and I have hidden my listing. Thanks for your service and I will be sure to pass it along to friends of mine.
    University of California - All Campuses, San Francisco (UCSF), CA
    Susan Eslick - Landlord
  • The service provided was excellent and I hope to use it again in the future.
    Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC) - Akerley, Dartmouth, NS
    Trish - Landlord
  • I rented the room to the first Museum applicant who contacted me. She is from Nova Scotia and we did the whole transaction sight unseen, on line and by mail. I sent her additional photos with the rental agreement and she sent me a reference and the deposit by mail. I'm really impressed with this process and would recommend it highly.
    Fleming College - Sutherland, Peterborough, ON
    Claire - Landlord
  • We just placed an ad with you and have accomplished what we wanted. We have a new tenant!!! Thank you for your very good service.
    University of California - All Campuses, San Francisco (UCSF), CA
    Joe - Landlord
  • This service is exceptional. I had many calls and many viewings. Within 10 days, my apartment was rented for the September school year. I was able to rent my bachelor apartment to the perfect college student tenant. Thank you!!!!
    Fleming College - Sutherland, Peterborough, ON
    Cathy Ferreri - Landlord
  • Both rooms have been rented up to April, and then again for September to April next term!!! Places4students.com worked well for me again. Thanks so much. Keep doing what you are doing!
    Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC) - Ivany, Dartmouth, NS
    Joan Taylor - Landlord
  • My advertised unit in Windsor, Ontario has been rented. Thank you, excellent results. Till next time.
    University of Windsor (UWSA) - Windsor, ON
    Jean & Better - Landlords
  • Thanks for this great service! We have just leased out our condo to a grad law student at the University of Windsor. We are very happy with the quality calls we received.
    University of Windsor (UWSA) - Windsor, ON
    Karen & Tony - Landlords
  • I just want to say thanks. I had my listing on your site for 48 hours and had 124 viewings! The place was seen and rented within 48 hours of putting it on places4students.com. Thanks again .. very good site.
    Georgian College - Barrie, ON
    Phil Houghton - Landlord
  • I must say that your site is a great help and we thank you so much for it. We are looking forward to a successful school year. Again thanks.
    Centennial College - Progress, Scarborough, ON
    Natkanda Guichard - Landlord
  • Nice site well worth it. Rented quickly and a lot of responses.
    Canisius College - Buffalo, NY
    Anthony Grisanti - Landlord
  • The response to my ad was overwhelming and the house was filled quickly. What a great service! Thanking you in advance and see you next year.
    Caltech - Pasadena, CA
    Debbie Hofer - Landlord
  • This site has proven very effective in generating good responses from students at Dalhousie University. I will definitely use it again in the near future.
    Dalhousie University - Halifax, NS
    John - Property Manager