1. What are banner ads?
  • Banner ads are a great way to advertise your company to colleges and universities and to target the niche student market.
  • Banner ads provide a direct link back to your website. You can select specific schools or areas to advertise at.


  1. What is the cost of a banner ad?


You only pay for ads that have reached your target market!

  • $1.05 per click or
  • $2.05 per 1,000 page views


  1. How do I create a banner ad?

Visit and click ‘Register Now’. For subsequent visits click ‘Sign In’. From within your account, click ‘Add New Banner’.


  • Upload an image that is 768 x 90 pixels
  • Enter a URL for the website you would like the banner ad linked to
  • Select the school(s) to advertise with


  1. How do I pay for my banner ad?
  • Deposit funds into your Prepaid Account online with a credit card
  • Choose to be charged per click on page view
  • The ad will remain online until your Prepaid Account balance reaches $0. Further deposits can be done conveniently online when needed, 24/7


  1. How do I track my views/clicks?

A summary of the clicks and/or views your ad has received will be available within your Account on the Details page.





  1. How long does it take for my banner ad to appear online?

Banner ads are posted online hourly during our business hours. Once an edit is approved, the banner ad will appear online immediately, provided there is a balance in your Prepaid Account.


  1. Which payment option is better – click or views?

It depends on your preference. Views are calculated each time the page is visited by a user. Clicks are calculated each time a user actually clicks on your banner ad.


  1. What type of image can I upload for my banner ad?

The image must be in either .JPG or .GIF format. Images are automatically re-sized to 768 x 90 pixels. For best results, upload an image with similar proportions.


  1. Can I take a banner ad offline?

Yes, simply click ‘Disable Ad’. To put it back online, click ‘Enable’. Please note that your banner ad will automatically go offline, once your Prepaid Account balance reaches $0.