Survey results from Students Ranking the Most Important Amenities with their Housing Accommodations.


  1. In-unit Washer & Dryer 79%
  2. Each Roommate has Own Bathroom 68%
  3. Extended cable / WiFi Included 54%
  4. Parking Included 42%
  5. Big Refrigerator 27%


How much MORE would you pay per month for these features?

  • Open Floor Plan …$137
  • 2+ Bathrooms …$123
  • Large Living Room…$112
  • Large Kitchen Area …$105
  • Study Spaces …$98


When are students looking for housing?


Students start looking for housing up to 8 months before they begin school! Most commonly, students start searching a few months in advance.


At your school, is it more expensive to live on or off-campus?

  • On-campus 69%
  • Off-campus 31%


If everything was equal between on and off-campus housing expenses, how much MORE would you be willing to pay per month to live off-campus? $85.01




  • 54% of students have 3 or more roommates
  • 37% said walking was the ideal means of getting to school
  • 32% of students are willing to live 5+ miles away from campus
  • 28% of students said 1 roommate is the ideal number
  • 15% of students share a bedroom with another roommate


Sources: J Turner Research & Multifamily Executive, What Millennials Want Residential Preferences in Student Housing Design and Amenities, 2013