Step 1: Visit and click ‘Register’.

            For subsequent visits, click ‘Sign In’ (only register once).


Step 2: Within your account click ‘Add New Listing’.


Step 3: Select one of the following:


  • Single Unit: You are renting one unit (house, single apartment, single condo, single unit duplex, etc.)
  • Multiple Unit: You are renting 2 or more units (apartment building, condo complex, etc.)


*TIP: Several rooms for rent in a house or apartment are classified as a SINGLE UNIT listing.


Step 4: Type in the School Name you wish to post at and then click ‘Find School’.

Highlight the School name by clicking on it and then enter your Postal / Zip Code, then click ‘Next’.


Step 5: Enter the Listing Contact Information. This is how prospective tenants will contact you.

(Ex: phone, email or both).


Step 6: Enter a creative Title for your listing.

Enter the complete Address or nearest intersection of the property being listed, to ensure the Google map will be correct.


*TIP: Create a catchy Title. Titles like ‘Room for Rent’ are generic and will not stand out.


Step 7: Select the Type of Unit(s) being rented.

            Only highlight what’s available for rent, not the entire property.

(Ex: 1 bedroom in a house, for a 3-bedroom house, when only 1 room is available)


Step 8: Enter the other information: Rental Rate, Number of Washrooms, Landlord Occupied, Utilities Included,
             Occupancy Date, Lease Offered, Lease Conditions & Tenant Info Required.


Step 9: Write a detailed Description. We encourage using bulleted lists (they are easier to read).


*TIP: A description should highlight: nearby shopping, furnishings included, Wi-Fi or cable included, nearby public transit, parking, etc.


Step 10: Select the Amenity Icons that are included with the rental unit.

            If there isn’t an icon for an amenity included, add the details within the description.


Step 11: We recommend uploading Pictures to showcase the interior & exterior of your rental.

            Students prefer to see photos beforehand!


Step 12: Select the Pricing Option you prefer.

Upgrades such as Featured or Static Positioning are available to increase the exposure of your listing to students.


*TIP: The Featured Listings are shown first, before General Listings. Static Positions (1-20) can be purchased in either listing categories.


Step 13: Review your listing to make sure all the information is correct, especially your contact information!

Enter your Payment Details and click the ‘3 Mandatory Boxes’ that must be agreed to. Then click ‘Save and Go Next’.


Step 14: You’re Done!

   Now wait for your phone call or email from your future tenant!



  • Furnishings:  Students often prefer rentals that include furnishings.
  • Rental Rate:  Research your rental market and offer competitive rental rates.
  • Policies:  Be clear in stating your rules, policies and what is expected of tenants.
  • Utilities:  All-inclusive rentals appeal more to students.





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