Would You Be Willing to Rent Your Spare Room to a Student?

Monday, July 24, 2023

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For the last couple of years, Places4Students.com has been sharing a nationwide media campaign to encourage homeowners to consider renting their spare room to a student. This summer, low vacancy rates have remained in the rental housing market; therefore, we have continued with the same plea to the public.


Students are still experiencing difficulty finding an affordable place to live and scrambling to secure an accommodation for the upcoming semester. International students are struggling to arrange housing from abroad and sometimes arrive at college or university with nowhere to live.


To assist with this dilemma, we are posing the question to homeowners once again, “Have you ever considered renting a spare room within your home to a student attending college or university in your community?”


There are many benefits to having a student reside in your house as a tenant. Below are just a few positive reasons to consider welcoming a student as a renter.


  • Great investment - new source of extra income
  • Tax benefits related to utilities, expenses, renovations and upgrades for the unit
  • Outdoor property maintenance could be shared by the tenant
  • Companionship and assistance, especially for seniors living alone
  • Cleaning, chores or caring for pets could be shared by the student
  • Live-in child care arranged or exchanged for rent
  • Offering support to students in the community can be very rewarding


Anyone interested in this opportunity is encouraged to list their rental properties on Places4Students.com immediately, as students are actively searching for accommodations now. A variety of units are needed, most especially individual rooms within a house, apartments, or shared units.


Some colleges and universities are offering FREE general listings at this time to generate more housing options for their students online (check our website for offers and details). Our customer service team is available to answer questions and help landlords to repost or set-up new rental property listings at 1-866-766-0767.


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The Places4Students.com Team