Preparing to Attend a New College or University

Monday, February 27, 2023

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Many students will be attending a new college or university later this year, whether transitioning from high school, furthering their post-secondary education or changing to a different institution that is more suitable to their needs.


Regardless of the reasoning, preparation starts months in advance. Being prepared for the transition can reduce stress and anxiety, as well as help to avoid missing essential deadlines. has some suggestions below that will help students transition to a home away from home at their new school!


Important Deadlines

There are multiple deadlines to be aware of during the college and university application process. After acceptance, there is securing an on/off-campus housing rental, choosing class schedules, purchasing class materials, and more! Nothing is more stressful than missing an important deadline that may jeopardize attendance to a new school.



We recommend that students plan ahead and start looking for housing options long before they start school, especially with the current low vacancy rates across North America. The first step is to get familiar with the area. It is important to gather information on surrounding neighborhoods, local rental prices and availability, transportation options, and amenities. For more tips with finding the perfect student rental, read this blog for students.



Moving out for the first time or relocating can be intimidating and costly. There are living expenses to consider such as rent, groceries, cleaning supplies, transportation, personal hygiene costs, and social activities. These can eat up a monthly budget quickly. A budget is a useful tool when estimating income versus expenditures, and is highly recommended to help stay organized and decrease stress throughout the school year. In order to add cash to the budget, some students find it helpful to get a part-time job while attending school. 



After being accepted to a college or university program, it can be beneficial for students to start connecting with others attending the same school. Networking can assist with finding housing, getting to know the area, and learning about the campus. Students can learn about the best study spots, campus opportunities and more. Networking can create lifelong relationships and make useful connections with other fellow students.


Preparing for the Move

For the best outcome, it’s recommended to have a plan in place several months prior to moving with organized deadlines. Leaving the process to the last minute can lead to a late move-out along with associated fees, missing a scheduled move-in time slot or forgetting important items. A packing list can be beneficial and is available on our resource page.



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