Roommate Horror Stories from Reddit - Part IV

Monday, October 24, 2022

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In recognition of Hallowe'en, we're re-sharing some of our favorite roommate horror stories from Reddit all month!


Here's some more spooky stories...


1. The Bum

"I let him borrow my truck to move some things for his mom. Afterwards he took the truck somewhere else and then smoked in it, got the front left fender pushed in, oh and got arrested while driving it. To this day, I have no idea where my truck was for 48 hours. I moved out when he finally came home." - SpiritOne3



2. The Movie Buff

“I had a roommate in college who could only fall asleep if he watched Disney movies at night. I had to listen to them every night for hours trying to sleep.” — LoooveCommando



3. The Criminal

“He stole my old phone and some other electronics to sell on Craigslist for rent money. He gave the landline phone number (mine) for call backs.” — Connie Damico



4. The Magician

“My roommate never washed his socks. He washed his clothes, his towels, his sheets (thank God) … everything but his dirty socks. He just shoved them into a Market Basket paper bag and acted like they would magically disappear.” ~Anonymous Sophomore



5. The Ghost

“My roommate moved in with me on move-in day, unpacked and organized all her things, had a few words with me and then left. I literally have not seen her since then. Someone told me she lived in her boyfriend’s room for the year and must’ve went back to our room to get stuff when I wasn’t in there. So, I basically had a single.” ~Anonymous Freshman



6. The Teacher

"I had a roommate in college, let’s call him Brian, who was so offended by my lack of effort in college that he mailed a hand written letter to my parents before the end of my freshman year about how little I was going to class. Brian, if you’re out there, what gives?" – Byron



7. The Athlete

"My freshman year roommate left so much of his stuff on the floor of his side of the room that he needed a running start to jump over it to get to his bed." – Phil



8. The Terrifying Taxidermist

"One of my suitemates did taxidermy in his spare time. He had a stuffed pheasant. He was a nice enough guy, but it was always weird to walk into his room and come face to face with a dead bird in a noble pose." – Dave



9. The Skater Boy

"Back in college I was assigned a roommate who thought he was a skater punk. He sucked at it. Badly. However, he spent hours a day attempting kick flips, ollies, and jumps in our room. He’d frequently use the furniture in our room for practice." - Outshined_One



10. The Amateur Chef

"I once had a roommate who cooked his hot dogs by boiling *and* frying them. He would put them in a pot of water, then let ALL the water boil off, so the hot dogs would then fry in the now-dry pot." – Jeff



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