Roommate Horror Stories From Reddit - Part II

Monday, October 10, 2022

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In recognition of Hallowe'en, we're re-sharing some of our favorite roommate horror stories from Reddit all month!


Gotta love these stories...

1. Harry Potter and the World’s Most Annoying Roommate:
"Not me, but my cousin had a roommate her freshman year of college that had to listen to Harry Potter book one on tape every single night to fall asleep. My cousin bought her headphones but she refused to wear them because they 'hurt her ears'. She would play it on a portable speaker loud enough to keep my cousin awake all night. The worst part... she wouldn't even start the tape where she left off the previous night, she would play the beginning every night over and over again."
- /u/chlowoah 

2. The Sacred Last Poptart:

“I've never resided in a college dorm, but I just want to share that once I was in a skype call with my good friend, who does reside in a dorm, who left his mic on when he left for an extended period of time, allowing me and the other 2 people in our call to hear all his roommates (like 5 other dudes?) arguing about who ate the last poptart. It got pretty intense. Is this what dorm life is like?”

- /u/Sasquatchamunk


3. It’s Not Delivery, It’s a Burnt Delissio:
“I came home after work one morning to smoke barrelling out of my oven. My Roommate left a pizza cooking all night while passed out drunk. He lived through the smoke but everything I owned, including all my furniture and property, reeked of putrid smoke for 3 weeks.”

- /u/username_errors


4. Silverware Samurai:
“My ex-roommate smashed our kitchen window with a samurai sword because I didn't put the clean silverware in the cup he had 'designated' for clean silverware.”

- /u/threeofbirds121


5. The Soothing Sound of 800 Crickets:
“My roommate has a pet lizard, and he just dropped said lizard's food supply of roughly 800 crickets in our apartment.”


6. Living With an Actual Animal:

"I drove three of us to the grocery store and on the way back, I looked in the rear view mirror and the one sitting in the backseat was eating straight out of one of those tubes of raw ground beef." 


7. Is Artsy a Synonym for Crazy?
“My freshman year roommate is what I would like to call a 'hippie diva'. We couldn't have a TV, because it would disrupt her thoughts on her art projects. I wasn't allowed to brush my hair or wear perfume in our room, because it ruin her art space, which she decided was basically the entire room. She would dig things out of the dumpster and bring it to our room as part of her many 'art' projects.“
- /u/SuzzzayQ

8. What Do You Mean We Don’t Have a Maid?
“My roommate now is a super rich foreign exchange student. Because of this, she's had maids all of her life and has never had to lift a finger before now. When it was her turn to clean the bathroom, she used dish soap on the mirrors and the dish brush in the toilet. There's a toilet brush right next to the toilet. I know she used the dish brush in the toilet because when it came time for me to wash my dishes, there were little bits of toilet paper all over the brush.”



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