Resources for Landlords Advertising Student Rentals

Monday, July 4, 2022

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Our team posts a weekly blog providing relevant and informative off-campus housing information for both student tenants and landlords. We have compiled ten of the blogs most applicable for property owners and managers into a Guide* with the following topics:

  1. When Is The Best Time To Advertise My Rental Property To Student Tenants?
  2. Should Landlords Rent By-the-Room Or By-the-Unit?
  3. How To Screen Prospective Student Tenants
  4. How To Write an Off-Campus Housing Lease Agreement
  5. How To Create an Advantage In a Highly Competitive Off-Campus Housing Market
  6. Off-Campus Housing Preferences - What Do Tenants Really Want?
  7. How To Keep Student Tenants For Their Entire Academic Career
  8. Collecting Rent: Which Payment Method Is Best For Landlords & Tenants?
  9. How To Increase Lease Renewals By Using Renewal Incentives
  10. How & Why To Conduct Tenant Exit Interviews

* To read or download the complete Guideclick here.


Our team has also compiled a variety of resources* to assist landlords with the leasing process. Several templates are available for landlords to download and edit. 


Please Note: These documents are just samples and landlords are advised to seek legal advice when creating any agreements. All rental arrangements and lease documents must be in accordance with the local housing laws for the rental property's city or state/province. 


* To read or download these Resources, click here.

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