Preparing Rental Units for the Next Set of Tenants

Monday, May 23, 2022

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With the completion of each semester, many landlords and property managers will be preparing for a change in renters. 


Here are some tips for getting rental units ready for the next set of student tenants.


1. Final Walk Through and Exit Interview:


  • Before the current tenant(s) vacate, set up a time to walk through the unit and perform an exit interview.
  • Use this time to get feedback; ask about areas for improvement and the things that were great. Use this information as a tool to better prepare the rental unit for the next set of student tenants.
  • If the current tenant(s) are coming back for the fall semester, still conduct an end of the year interview. Validating and addressing any concerns of current tenants will help secure renewals and referrals in the future, year after year.


2. Preparing the Unit:


  • If all student rental units will be vacant during the summer months, use this time to complete repairs and maintenance, where needed. This would be a good time to change the locks (if applicable) and ensure all of the safety features are still intact.
  • Take updated photographs and optimize the rental advertisements. Be sure to post property listings during peak student searching times.
  • Make sure the rental agreement is up-to-date and screening questions have been compiled and reviewed.


3. Interviews and Signing Leases:


  • Once rental inquiries begin coming in, set up interviews with the potential tenants.
  • Use this time to gather information on each tenant’s courses/hobbies/interests. This can be beneficial for welcome/tenant appreciation gifts in the future.
  • Process all paperwork and references. Once the tenant(s) have been chosen, notify each and sign the lease(s), then schedule move-in date(s). 


4. Walk Through Before Move-In:


  • Verify that all light fixtures, outlets, and appliances are all working properly.
  • Check fire and carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Bonus idea: stock the unit with an initial supply of bathroom and cleaning items to help make the tenant’s move-in smooth and inviting.


5. Welcome the New Student Tenants to their Home Away from Home!


  • A friendly welcome on move-in day can be very comforting to a student tenant, especially if this is the first time the student is living away from home.
  • Leave your contact information with the tenant for any questions or in case of an emergency.


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