How Off-Campus Living Prepares Students for the Real World

Monday, October 4, 2021

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The luxuries afforded to students who live on-campus are not often available to their counterparts who live off-campus. All-inclusive meal plans, no concerns about utility bills, and little to no commuting are some of the perks of on-campus living.


While on-campus life does sound more cozy than off-campus housing, living outside of dorms can help prepare students for their transition into the real world. 

1. Cooking and Grocery Shopping:

Life on-campus is pretty easy when it comes to deciding what to eat. Off-campus, on the other hand, teaches students a valuable life lesson – you can't live solely off of ramen noodles. Life off-campus will encourage you to learn to cook for yourself and to provide a healthy and balanced diet (hopefully). 


2. Managing and Paying Bills:

Learning to be finacially responsible is perhaps one of the most important life lessons gained when living off-campus – unless your parents are footing the bill of course! You'll learn all about the complexities of setting up accounts, paying deposits, and making online payments. 


3. Commuting:

Sadly, there will be no more rolling out of bed in your dorm-room five minutes before class. Living off-campus means you'll have to improve your time management skills and get used to commuting. 


4. Housekeeping:

It's pretty simple to keep a 250 square foot dorm-room clean, but an entire household is a whole different story. No matter how many times you call your mom, she probably won't be coming to clean it for you! It will become apparent real fast how time-consuming it is to keep a household well-maintained. 


5. Freedom:

Say so long to your Resident Advisors and the Residence Life Rulebook. However, as they say, with freedom comes great responsibility. You'll now deal with a landlord and have certain rights and responsibilities as a tenant. 


6. Fixing Things:

Your landlord will be responsible for maintaining a lot of things; but in many instances, you'll need to learn some basic handyman skills for small things that may not warrant a phone call to the landlord. You'll be a modern-day Bob Vila in no time. 


7. Decision Making:

When it comes to on-campus housing, a lot of decisions are made for you. In most cases, you won't decide who your roommate will be – you are assigned housing. You don't choose utility providers – and the list goes on. When you live off-campus, expect to be making a lot of important life decisions, such as how you and your roommates will share the Netflix account. 

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