Many Colleges and Universities are Returning to In-Class Learning

Monday, July 19, 2021

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College and university campuses across North America are announcing their plans to have students return to in-person classes. Students across Canada and the USA are currently making arrangements to move and resume off-campus living for this upcoming semester, while international students are starting to travel from abroad.


new normal is being established and safety measures put in place for students to resume learning on-campus, as situations related to the COVID-19 global pandemic improve. However, it's still important for students to keep updated on government guidelines and follow safety protocols while moving. 



Vacancy rates have been low for most cities in both countries due to the coronavirus, making it difficult for students to secure housing. We've compiled a list of things for student tenants to keep in mind while searching for off-campus housing during the pandemic.


Below is a link to each partner school website where updates and announcements from the colleges and universities about their upcoming school term can be read.


Canadian Schools:




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