Finding an Apartment During the Pandemic

Monday, June 7, 2021

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Many factors of life and ways of doing business have changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The rental industry is no different and has made several adjustments to its operations and safety practices. has compiled a list of things for student tenants to keep in mind while searching for off-campus housing during the pandemic.


Do Research

  • Use applications like Google Earth to tour the area around a rental
  • Check reviews online to determine which neighborhoods are the safest and more desirable to live in or what other students may be saying about a specific rental unit
  • Learn about the public transit lines, average cost to rent in the area, amenities available, local shopping, etc.


Have a Budget

  • Set a budget before looking at rentals, so there is a clear idea of what can be afforded on rent and expenses (if utilities are not included in the rental price, the cost should be determined before signing a lease)
  • Also take into account the price of books, tuition, food, and personal spending monthly for the budget
  • If over-spent, decide what can be waivered versus what are necessities and adjust the budget until an affordable rental rate is determined


Search Online

  • Use the college or university’s off-campus housing service to see what communities in the city or specific properties are recommended
  • Find your school on and view rentals in the area that are student-friendly and specifically listing off-campus housing rentals


Go Virtual

  • Use 3-D mockups or virtual tours uploaded by landlords to view the property
  • Review images online and a detailed description of the rental unit
  • Schedule a virtual tour with applications like Zoom, GoTo FaceTime, etc. to walk through the property online while asking the landlord questions in real-time


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