FAQ's by Students Using Places4Students.com - Part 2

Monday, March 15, 2021

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As a follow-up to the first blog we shared last month, below are the final five Top 10 FAQ’s we receive from students about off-campus housing near their college or university.


  1. I am trying to create a student sublet listing but the creation page won’t load for me, why?

    This is probably because a school-issued email address wasn’t provided. If your student account has already been registered with an email address other than the school-issued one, the account must be edited using the following steps:
  • Login at https://www.places4students.com/Student/Index.aspx
  • Click ‘My Profile’ in the left menu bar
  • Click ‘Edit My Profile’ located at the far-right side of the page under ‘Profile Options’
  • Change the ‘Email Address’ to your school-issued email, then click ‘Update’

After logging out of the account, a new password will be sent to verify your school-issued email address. Afterwards, login again using the new password and then create a sublet listing.

  1. What type of sublet listing can be posted?

    A sublet listing is for students to advertise an individual room or single apartment that is available for sublet to other students. If multiple rooms are available within one rental unit, then each student must create an account and post each room individually for sublet.

After submitting a sublet listing, it must be reviewed by a Places4Students staff member before being posted online. Listings are posted hourly during our business hours, and once daily during weekends and holidays. 

  1. What does a typical rental agreement look like?

    A typical lease agreement will outline the landlord/tenant’s names, lease duration, rental terms and conditions. Examples of a standard lease can be downloaded here.
  2. Can I have a pet in my rental unit?

    Laws surrounding pets, as well as pet deposits, vary depending on where the property is located. Some state and province laws stipulate that landlords are not allowed to deny tenancy to an applicant based on pet ownership, where others have no legislation on the issue at all. It is recommended to research your local bylaws for further information regarding this matter.
  3. If I don’t have a previous landlord to provide for a reference check, how do I rent an apartment for the first time?

    Landlords that operate off-campus housing rentals are typically aware of the fact that most students cannot provide tenancy references. When this happens, most landlords will accept a guarantor instead. However, each specific case must be discussed with the landlord involved before signing a lease.

    A guarantor is someone who provides a guarantee that the rent will be paid by taking on the responsibility legally. Should a situation arise where the student is unable to pay the rent on time, damages the unit, or breaks the lease agreement in any way, the guarantor will be required to pay in lieu of the student.


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