Benefits of Living Off-Campus During the Pandemic

Monday, November 23, 2020

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While everyone continues to figure out a daily routine of normal during this pandemic, students are still faced with the question, “Which is better for me, living on-campus or off-campus?” As COVID-19 continues to evolve, additional pros begin to arise regarding living off-campus.


Below are a few benefits of living off-campus during the pandemic.


More Predictable

While residence halls adjust their on-campus housing plans throughout the year to keep their community safe, the possibility of more closures exist. When choosing to live off-campus, students wouldn’t have to move, regardless of what on-campus residences do.


Limited Contact

Living in off-campus housing empowers students to keep their contact limited to whom they feel comfortable with. Having a private residence and in some instances, an outdoor patio, can empower students to maintain some normalcy in life, while preserving safety.


Maintain Lifestyle

If residence halls begin to close, then access to on-campus dining and other amenities can change as well. When living off-campus, students can access their spaces to cook, study, etc. and maintain a normal lifestyle regardless of closures. If needing to quarantine, students are able to remain in their space while following local quarantine protocol.


Pet Friendly

Being socially distant from others can affect a person's mental health. One way of combating this is companionship with a pet. Living off-campus allows students to have a pet if desired. Note: It is important to review the rental agreement to determine if there is a pet policy in place or discuss it with the landlord before deciding to bring a pet home.


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