Amenity Preferences are Shifting in Off-Campus Housing

Monday, November 2, 2020

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Off-campus housing has been evolving over the past few decades, with amenities being at the forefront of the changes. Before COVID-19, renters were interested in luxury amenities. Now, tenants are shifting their priorities to more basic needs, as they learn to live in society’s new form of normal.


The following are a few new preferences that renters currently look for over the previously desired amenities.


Pet-Friendly Policies

Companionship matters to student tenants, especially during these times of self-isolation and social distancing. Renters are leaning towards pet-friendly accommodations, as they adapt to living with the new rules and regulations for society. Cities like Vancouver in Canada are working to adjust their “no pets” policies in the hopes to emulate Ontario’s already standing laws. This would ban landlords from discriminating against tenants with pets and prohibit them from including a no-pet policy in rental lease agreements.


Cleaning and Sanitization Services

Whether living in an apartment building or single-family home, student renters would prefer to reside where high traffic areas are disinfected and wiped down regularly amid COVID-19. This has reiterated the importance of hygiene and keeping rental units clean and is an amenity preference anticipated to stay for quite some time.


Balcony and Outdoor Access

While maintaining social distance from others and staying at home more frequently than before, renters have realized that the access they have to outdoors within their own homes is a priority. Having areas to relax outside in a balcony, deck, or backyard is enticing to renters.

In addition, most student tenants crave a change of scenery and want to keep busy and/or active. For this reason, apartment communities should try to keep their common areas open and operating at a safe capacity by allowing renters to schedule an access time and disinfecting in-between users. The ability to enjoy a pool, weight room, workout facility or lounge and maintain a healthy lifestyle while social distancing during COVID-19 is a priority for most tenants.


Contactless Delivery

Keyless entry, paperless lease renewals and contactless payment transactions are all moving up on the list of amenities that student tenants prefer. These procedures not only allow for convenience in how a tenancy is being managed by utilizing technology, but also provide peace of mind for keeping renters and landlords socially distanced.



With most students studying online remotely, plus library and campus student centers access being limited, high-speed Internet at home is a requirement for student renters. This amenity being offered, and better yet included in the rental rate, will be sought after and preferred during off-campus housing searches.


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