Eviction Bans Begin to be Lifted Across Canada

Monday, September 28, 2020

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Originally appeared on Rental Housing Business (RHB)


As we now live in a world forever changed by Covid-19, we continue to see the impacts across various states and provinces throughout North America. In Canada right now, we are seeing provinces lift eviction bans that were implemented during their state of emergency.

RentalHousingBusiness.ca (RHB) has released an article outlining their thoughts on the eviction bans being lifted and how the rental housing market could be affected in the future.


"Provincial eviction bans across Canada have begun to end. The bans were initially adopted as a response to the economic shut-down induced by COVID-19.

These bans, along with income support from the Canadian Emergency Response Benefit (CERB), have maintained the integrity of the housing market during the pandemic.

But with COVID-19 still in full swing and eviction bans being lifted, it could spell bad news for low-income renters and potentially the Canadian economy."


The entire RHB article can be read here.

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