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Monday, June 22, 2020

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Members of the student housing industry have been working together to analyze the unprecedented changes we are seeing in the student housing industry. Student Housing Business has released various interactive interviews* with affiliates on how they have been managing during this pandemic and what they predict the industry will be like in the future.


Here is a summary of just a few of the interviews.


Current focuses and topics of discussion include:

  • Determining the capacity of on-campus housing buildings, as well as how to deliver residence food services safely
  • Monitoring university announcements and the impacts on delivery of student housing (supply on-campus, migration to single occupancy rooms, private washrooms, etc.)
  • Adjusting all move-in plans to be contactless and safe, for when campuses reopen
  • Working closely with clients to keep utility costs controlled, discuss occupancy rates and collection of data, keep current projects funded, and keep their teams working smoothly from home


Investment and development markets have been a main topic of conversation. The consensus seems to be that for investment and development markets to snap back, the following must occur:

  • Markets need to be nimble and adaptable
  • Campuses need to open and universities make definitive announcements
  • Pre-leasing needs to spike
  • Credit markets need to come back online
  • Markets need to demonstrate strong enrollment and occupancy data


The current pandemic will bring changes to student housing and how it is offered:

  • Demand will be strong, as moving to single occupancy rooms will reduce capacity significantly
  • New safety protocols and requirements for in-unit visits will need to be developed across the board
  • Common area plans will need to be changed to accommodate this "new normal”


Members also shared what they are personally looking forward to when life and society return back to “normal”:


  1. Todd DuncanSenior Associate Vice President of Campus Services at the University of Cincinnati
    Watching my daughter play softball!


  1. William DavisExecutive Vice President at Capstone Development Partners
    ...I do look forward to getting back to restaurants and back to being in-person with all of our teammates and partners. I look forward to hopefully being back on campuses this fall - and particularly that campus in Tuscaloosa on Saturdays.


  1. Kim MacInnesNation Sales Manager at Conservice
    On a personal level, I can't wait to get on a plane to go see my daughter in Washington DC. She had to push her wedding date due to COVID-19, and I can't wait for that event as well


  1. Alex Candia Director of Kanye Anderson Real Estate
    “...I do look forward to my kids returning to school and having some standard routine back for their sanity and my own! Aside from that, I'd really like a good cup of coffee made by a professional in a ceramic cup that I can sip quietly. Emphasis on quietly.


  1. Craig Zogby – Managing Director of Kanye Anderson Real Estate
    "I have enjoyed reimagining the work day and truly balancing my family and being effective during working hours.


  1. Travis PrinceExecutive Managing Director at Cushman & Wakefield
    “What's not back that I'm most looking forward to is getting to a live sporting event!


*Each full interactive interview with Student Housing Business can be read by clicking on the links above.


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