Dealing with Minor Maintenance Requests During Social Distancing


Monday, April 27, 2020

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Maintenance requests are a task all landlords and property managers have to deal with. Making sure that issues are fixed properly and timely are a priority. But what if there were tasks tenants could feel empowered to fix themselves during these times of social distancing?


Some property management companies, like Peak Campus, have been setting up How-To videos and step-by-step guides to help enable student tenants to fix some minor issues on their own.


It is recommended that an individual tenant’s ability to fix minor maintenance tasks be assessed by the landlord. Also be sure to give clear direction and deem which tasks are/aren’t considered acceptable.


In addition, it’s important to communicate with tenants before taking action and determine what minor maintenance duties they are/aren’t comfortable with fixing and being involved with.


Some minor maintenance request examples:

  • Change a burnt-out light bulb
  • Unclog a toilet or drain
  • Change the batteries in a smoke detector
  • Pest problems
  • Replace a blown fuse
  • Change a furnace filter


Resources to help:

  • Find online resources/videos to show how to fix minor issues
  • Create How-To videos specific to the property
  • Put together step-by-step guides


Items to keep-on-hand and provide:

  • Light bulbs (LED, Fluorescent, etc.) 
  • Mouse/ant traps
  • De-clogging agents/solutions
  • Plungers
  • Extra batteries
  • Fuses (various amps)
  • Furnace filters


Still be available to tenants:

Even if tenants are being independent and assisting with minor tasks around the rental unit, it is very important that their landlord or property manager is still accessible for any questions or other requests the tenants may have. Open communication and quick response time is critical, especially during this time of social distancing.


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