COVID-19 Update - Virtual Showings & Leasing Resources

Monday, April 13, 2020

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Things are changing around us on a daily basis, but the need for student housing has not. Displaced student tenants continue to look for secure, safe, and affordable housing. Many rental property owners currently have vacancies to offer students; however, are looking for safe ways to show units and secure leases during these uncertain times and pandemic.


While negotiating a lease, it is very important to maintain practices outlined by our health-care providers and to keep everyone safe. Preventing the spread of COVID-19 should be the focus of both landlords and tenants during the next few months, and can be accomplished by completing leasing tasks virtually.


Here are some alternative means to show rental properties, conduct tenant interviews, sign lease agreements, and send/accept rental payments.


Virtual Tours:

Virtual tours will allow potential tenants to see the rental space in a way photos cannot fulfill, while still maintaining safe social distancing practices. Below is a resource to create your virtual tour and then upload it easily to your rental property listing on



Video Conferencing:

Various platforms provide video conferencing options that allow potential tenants to be interviewed and screened online:


  • GoToMeeting – Users can host online conferences across different platforms with multiple attendees.
  • Zoom Meeting – Users can host online conferences with multiple attendees, as well as webinars for rental tours.
  • Skype – Accessible across multiple platforms. 
  • Google Hangouts – Users can host a group video chat through a Google account.
  • FaceTime – One-on-one video conferencing platform (available to those using an iOS/Apple device).
  • Google Duo – One-on-one video conferencing platform (available across Android and iOS).


Online Rental Agreements:

By migrating rental agreement documents online, personal contact with potential tenants can be avoided. It can allow for students to share the documents with parents or roommates easily. has resources to assist landlords create related documents in our Help.


There are also options available for tenants and landlords to legally sign documents online:



Deposits and Monthly Rental Payments:

During this time of self-isolating and social distancing, rental owners and tenants can take advantage of various online payment options from the comfort of their homes:


  • E-transfers – Those who have access to domestic banking can set up online email transfers directly between accounts.
  • Rent Moola – Online rent collection platform specializing in helping property managers collect and manage deposits, monthly rent and more.
  • Pay Pal – Allows users to upload funds and transfer between PayPal accounts.

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