COVID-19 Update - Resources for Related Information

Monday, March 23, 2020

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We are living in a time of unprecedented change. During this time of crisis and uncertainty due to the Coronavirus, many people have questions related to their rental properties and tenancy agreements. 


Unfortunately, we are unable to provide advice to landlords or students regarding their tenancy agreements or government financial assistance for those effected by the COVID-19. Things are rapidly altering on a daily basis. 


We suggest you contact your local Landlord/Tenant Tribunal or Landlord Association for related rental housing information. The national apartment organizations for both Canada and the United States are listed below, as well as the health departments. Updates will be posted on these websites as this ever-changing situation evolves.


US National Apartment Association

Canadian Federation of Apartment Associations


As previously recommended, landlords should consider allowing students who may need to move back home early the ability to sublet. Some students living on-campus have been relocated due to school closures; therefore, subletting may help with any temporary housing requirements. International students would be most in need. It's highly recommended that all parties involved be flexible and adaptable to this ever-changing situation.


Resources for COVID-19 Updates:


United States - Centers for Disease Control & Prevention

Government of Canada - Health Department

Ontario Ministry of Health

World Health Organization


We encourage everyone to stay calm, work togetherand check these trusted sources for updates.



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