Great Ideas to Decorate Small Student Housing Spaces

Monday, February 3, 2020

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Student housing accommodations are sometimes limited in relation to space and personalization, especially when living with multiple roommates and many belongings. A student’s rental arrangement may or may not be long term; but it’s still important for it to feel like a home away from home!


Here are some ways to get the maximum out of limited student housing spaces.


Shelving units are a great way to divide and optimally use any space, especially when sharing a bedroom or having an open concept floor plan. In addition to providing more privacy, shelving units can be used to organize belongings, store school materials or simply display nice décor.


Many great functional, yet decorative ideas, such as the images below, can be found on Pinterest and other home decoration apps!



Remember that sometimes less is more, and that simple often looks great! It can be as easy as purchasing a few decorative pillows and perhaps some decorative pieces for a nightstand or desk. If you really want to tie a space together, you may also consider a small bedside rug.



A few pops of colour can personalize any student housing space and make it more like home! Decorating common areas such as the bathroom, living room or kitchen can be a fun bonding task for roommates.



Once again to highlight simplicity, these tenants use simple table toppers, minimal wall art, a nice floor rug and some unique lighting to enhance these spaces.



Each student housing accommodation is different and will need to be decorated accordingly. Although a small investment at first, these purchases can be reused throughout an entire college or university career! Students often spend a lot of time in their personal space studying, so it’s important to be content and comfy.


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