Tips for Last-Minute Moving To-Dos!

Monday, July 29, 2019

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Even though it feels like summer has just started, the new school year will be here in a blink of an eye! We’ve compiled a list with tips for students to help make sure last minute moving to-do’s get accomplished on time!


Deadlines and Important Dates


When deadlines are quickly approaching, be proactive about having paperwork in order prior to the required date. Some deadlines to remember are:


  • Housing applications
  • Immunization record submissions
  • Move-in/out dates


Deposits and a Budget


In many cases, deposits come with deadlines. Be aware of all deposits required and prepare for them ahead of time. Be sure to consider any possible delays, such as mail delivery time, if deposits are not made online.


Also, before heading away for the school year, sit down and make a budget. This will help prevent any surprises from arising and assist students to become familiar with some of the costs and fees typically incurred while living off-campus. 




When moving, procrastinating to pack can be easy. But in order to remember those items normally forgotten, packing early needs to be something students are proactive about.


Start by making a list of the things you will need, such as boxes, packing-tape and a marker. For a couple of days, make a note of your regularly used items and reference it when packing. Need some more tips on this? Here’s our guide to building a student housing move-in survival package.




Regardless if your roommate(s) is a friend or stranger, you should reach out to break the ice, prior to the move-in day. Use this time to get to know each other and put plans in place for the living arrangement, including how bills will get paid and the unit will get cleaned. This is also a great time to talk about a roommate agreement


During the few weeks prior to moving day, coordinate who is bringing what, when arrival will be and any other last-minute things that may need to be done.


Travel and Move-In Services


Traveling to attend college or university out of state, province or country raises many issues, one being how to get belongings to and from the new accommodation. It’s important to consider the distance involved and whether moving services will be necessary. Professional moving services will provide the team and equipment necessary to help students relocate to their new Home Away from Home!


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