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Monday, January 14, 2019

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2018 marked our fifth full-year of weekly blogging about the student housing industry. We’ve compiled some of our best blogs for students from 2018. 


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  1. When young adults set out to attend college or university, they are often hit with a dose of reality and a hint of sticker shock. After paying their tuition, students are faced with their next largest expense, housing. We’ve compiled a list of suggestions to save money in off-campus housing.




  1. Sharing your living space with a complete stranger is not easy – it usually takes more than just common interests for students to live in harmony under the same roof.  It all starts with getting to know the other person and finding the right fit. See these suggestions on how to conduct a successful roommate interview.




  1. A typical part of the rental housing market is rent increases. In competitive rental markets where vacancy rates are low and rental rates increase regularly, it can be difficult for students to find affordable housing or simply keep their rental unit for the same price after the signed lease period is over. How can students build a good landlord-tenant relationship and potentially avoid rent increases?




  1. Housing is undoubtedly one of the top priorities for international students before and after arrival from abroad. Most students look to reserve an accommodation prior to their arrival, in order to settle-in before classes begin. Here are a few recommendations when searching for off-campus accommodations online from a distance.




  1. Living in an off-campus accommodation can be the greatest way for college and university students to become independent; but it can also be one of the biggest challenges for them. Although schools, parents and the government make every effort to ensure the safety of student accommodations, some incidents and lease disputes can be unavoidable. How can students reduce security risks and the occurrence of rental disagreements?




  1. Student housing accommodations are sometimes limited in relation to space and personalization, especially when living with multiple roommates and many belongings. Check out these great ideas to get the maximum out of limited student housing spaces.



  1. When international students commit to furthering their education and living in a different country, culture shock can be a common occurrence. Find out the common causes of culture shock and how to better avoid it.




  1. In competitive student housing markets, it’s common for landlords to offer incentives or rental concessions to encourage potential tenants to sign a lease agreement. It’s no surprise that a free month’s rent is often seen as the most desirable incentive – but is it really that good of a deal?



  1. For many students, attending college or university will mark their first time living on their own and away from home. We’ve created a student housing move-in survival package to make the transition easier and to help prepare students for the big move-in day.

  1. Fire safety is a growing concern for both schools and parents. Basic fire safety and routine drills were often taught as children, but it’s not often that students are required to apply their knowledge to real-life scenarios before moving out in college or university. We’ve compiled some important fire safety information that every student should know before moving away from home.


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