Monday, September 24, 2018

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In student housing, gaining an edge on the competition can require creativity and an effective strategy in today’s rental market. Online listings are the ideal way to increase awareness about vacancies and reach the largest tenant pool at colleges and universities.


Generations Y and Z are generally very tech savvy and efficient online, as well as aware of the newest technologies.


So what are the benefits of using drones in student housing?


Drones are becoming increasingly popular in the housing market for both sales and rentals. Drone videography and photography can serve both exterior and interior purposes.


Drone photography is a great substitution to expensive aerial photography. A property owner can show potential tenants the exquisite neighborhood, nearby amenities within walking distance, or simply a bird’s eye view of a beautiful lot. The drone can also be used for a memorable, high-quality virtual tour of the interior showing the rental unit’s best features.


Here are some great examples of Videos with Drone/Aerial Footage showing different apartment communities nationwide.


Some have claimed that the usage of drones have sold or rented units without physically showing them. According to MLS, listings with aerial images sold almost 70% faster than those with regular images. 

What are the associated costs and restrictions?


Before purchasing or renting a drone, ensure that the area is not restricted (such as near airports) and there are no regulations against its use. Some regions and counties require amateur users to keep drones in sight at all times, regulate distance flown from the ground or restrict flying to daylight hours. Some areas may require a remote pilot certificate or other varying licenses, which are offered at a low cost. If hiring a professional, ensure proper licensing and insurance is in place.


Drones can be purchased for a range of prices. Cost-friendly versions are now more widely available, starting at about one hundred dollars and can range to thousands of dollars for high quality, professional models.


If a landlord doesn’t already own a drone or know someone who does, temporarily renting one is also an option. There are a number of emerging companies in the drone rental business, as they become more advanced and serve wider purposes. Drone rental companies generally offer rentals by the day, week or month, giving a landlord extensive time to take flawless photos and make a great video of the rental property.


It’s beneficial for landlords to at least look into this technology. It would make their rental units more memorable to student tenants, increase interest in their property and ultimately keep pace with changing technology.


Most importantly, it’s a great way to create an advantage, especially in a competitive rental area or tenant’s market. Although a small original investment, it can have a long-term, tremendous value.


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