Marketing Yourself in Student Housing

Monday, August 13, 2018

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Landlords and student tenants should consider their first meeting like a job interview. Both parties should look for someone who fits their list of predetermined criteria. After all, the landlord and student tenant will be starting a relationship that will last a set period of time.


For some property managers, it may simply be a guaranteed income or job that the applicant must have. However for private owners, the renter’s personality, schedule and lifestyle may be factors to consider, in order for an easy transition into the landlord’s home.


Students begin their accommodation search coming from different situations, such as moving away from home for the first time or relocating to a new area. They may feel more comfortable with surroundings that remind them of their home or they may be seeking something completely different to mark new beginnings.


Regardless of what each may be looking for, it’s important to show the best of yourself or your property. More often than not, landlords are simultaneously looking at a wide range of potential tenants and student renters are viewing several housing options. 


So how can you stand out over your competition?


1. Advertise effectively.


  • Choose your advertising resources wisely, as this will affect the type of person who may contact you. Many landlords choose to post their rental listing with the housing resource the local college or university provides.
  • Make a well-rounded advertisement. Does it describe the rental well? Does it provide relevant information, photos, expectations and what you’re looking for in a tenant?


2. First impressions are KEY.


  • Always be professional, polite and dress for the occasion. Many people do actually judge a book by its cover!  Always be prepared and treat each person with respect. This is the part much like a job interview for both parties.


3. Be open and honest.


  • Landlords should set guidelines early to avoid misinterpretations or confusion. If you are looking for certain predetermined criteria, within reason and in-line with local landlord/tenant legislation, make that known.
  • Students sharing an accommodation or occupying a room within the landlord’s home should be honest and not misrepresent themself.


4. Have some questions prepared.


Ask Landlords:

  • How long have you been in the rental market?
  • Do you have tenant references?
  • Have you rented to students before?
  • What sets you and your property apart from others?


Ask Student Tenants:

  • Have you lived with other roommates before?
  • How much rental experience do you have?
  • Do you have references, a credit rating or guarantor?
  • Is there anything that would set you apart from other tenants?


Remember, the landlord or student tenant who is chosen, may not always have the most experience in the rental market. The person could simply have been a better fit, made a great first impression or marketed themself the best. Don’t underestimate the importance of personal relationships in student housing!


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