The Best Student Housing Blogs from 2017 – For Landlords

Monday, January 8, 2018

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2017 marked our fourth full-year of weekly blogging about the student housing industry. We’ve compiled some of our best blogs for landlords from 2017. To read each full article, click on the images below.


  1. Typically, living off-campus is where students get their first real taste of complete independence. Many students (specifically ones without much rental experience) will prefer all-inclusive rentals for a variety of reasons. What are the benefits of both all-inclusive and non-inclusive rental options?

  2. Over the past decade, student housing has emerged as an industry leader, not only for investment potential but also for introducing improved resident experiences through emerging technologies. We review the newest technology related trends in student housing.

  3. Are you a seasoned leasing professional recently introduced to the student housing market, a first-time off-campus property owner or interested in investing in the student housing market? These tips will provide valuable information to succeed.

  4. Virtual reality tours go a step beyond photos and video; they allow for an immersive and interactive experience for student renters without leaving the comfort of their current home. While there are obvious benefits to student renters and their guardians, what are the benefits for student housing owners and operators?

  5. The collection of online data has increasingly played a vital role in analyzing consumer trends and popularity. Google Trends allows the general public to access the world’s largest real-time datasets. See how this can be applied to the student housing industry. 

  6. User-generated content is extremely valuable for several reasons, most importantly being that it resonates better with users and strengthens the brand image. How would an apartment or property management community acquire user-created content?

  7. The last class of millennials potentially has another 4 to 5 years in student housing. This means it’s the end of the road for marketing to the millennial generation and that focus must be shifted to Generation Z. We review how to effectively market to Generation Z.

  8. The shortage of graduate student housing at many campuses has become a contentious issue. Why is there a shortage and is there investment potential in graduate student housing?

  9. The traditional advertising mediums such as radio, television, and print often have profoundly high advertising rates. To stretch a marketing budget further, here are some creative free and low-cost promotional techniques that can be utilized by student housing advertisers.

  10. There’s nothing inherently wrong with using stock photography; however, there are some shortcomings. When is it acceptable to use stock photography vs. original photography?



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