The Best Student Housing Blogs From 2016 - For Landlords

Monday, January 2, 2017

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2016 marked our third full-year of weekly blogging about the student housing industry. We’ve compiled some of our best blogs for landlords from 2016. To read each full article, click on the images below.


  1. A lease agreement is the most important component of any rental arrangement, including student housing. We provide a downloadable template that will give landlords a general idea of how to make a lease agreement.

  2. If you were to ask any apartment hunter with a pet about their experience of trying to find a pet-friendly accommodation, they’ll probably tell you how difficult it can be. Appfolio reports that approximately 76% of millennials own either a cat or dog - so should your property be pet-friendly? 

  3. High turnover rates are an unfortunate reality when it comes to managing student rentals. We’ve discussed this phenomenon in the past and identified that student renters are often transient. Centurion Apartments reported that, “Student housing has a turnover rate of about 50% per year, and the average student will rent their unit for one to three years.” This is why exit interviews are a must in student housing.

  4. Students nowadays have high expectations for a quick response and usually have little patience; especially millennials. So what is an ideal timeframe for responding to a student’s rental inquiry? We found that responses should be made within 3 hours or less.

  5. Parental influence often extends beyond the financial aspect of their children’s studies; it continues into helping them choose their accommodation. Ever wonder what parents are looking for in student housing? 

  6. By nature, landlords are not matchmakers. Finding compatible tenants isn’t anything like matching with someone on Tinder. Landlords care most about the bottom line – which is finding tenants and keeping vacancy rates as low as possible. We discuss tactics and strategies to find compatible roommates, creating increased tenant satisfaction and ROI.

  7. Once October has hit, the amount of students seeking accommodations for the fall tapers off and the next major rush won’t happen until the winter intake. So what’s a landlord to do if they’ve still got vacancies after September? We review how to find students to fill rental vacancies in the off-season. 


  8. While it’s difficult to predict the future, one thing is for certain – the student housing market will continue to grow. How exactly it will grow and evolve is something a bit more difficult to predict. By looking at current and forecasted trends, it is possible to paint a picture of what the future might hold for the student housing industry. Here are a few predictions for the future of student housing.

  9. When it comes to creating rental listings online, advertisers should always have their end goal in mind - generating a high volume of qualified leads that transition into signed lease agreements. Individual elements of a property listing can have an impact on this end goal. Here are the top 10 reasons why a student housing rental listing may not be generating the desired leads.

  10. With all of the talk about purpose-built luxury student housing, other segments like middle-market student housing are often overlooked. We discuss investment potential in the middle-market of student housing. 

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