How Does Living Off-Campus Affect a Student’s Social Life? 

Friday, March 28, 2014

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A prominent concern of many students who move away to college or university is whether or not they will enjoy a fruitful and active social life.


Often one of the highly touted benefits of on-campus housing is the belief that it’s particularly easy to make friends and develop a social network. One of the arguments against off-campus housing is that it’s more difficult to develop a social network and create an active social life. This is a myth!


A student’s social life is not defined by their living arrangements, but rather by their desire to be involved and their ability to network with peers. Sure, living on-campus makes it a little easier to network, since students are constantly surrounded by other students, but this does not guarantee a rich social life. Students living off-campus will be presented with many other opportunities to network and meet students, including frosh week, sporting events, joining clubs and of course, socializing with classmates both inside and outside of the lecture hall.


One of the issues with living off-campus and enjoying an active social life has been cited as the distance that students live from campus. Another is the feeling of disconnection from classmates living on-campus. As a result, many students commonly live in a very close proximity to the school, so that their campus is either a short walk or bus-ride away.


Students who choose to live on-campus also experience some socializing limitations as well. Many residence halls have rules and regulations which limit the number of guests a student can check-in, the hours in which guests can visit, the number of people students can have in their room at one time, and other rules which may affect a student’s social plans with friends. Off-campus housing tends to offer more freedom and flexibility in these areas.


It’s important to emphasize that students don’t solely socialize on-campus. Students living on-campus often travel off-campus to partake in social activities. Living an active social life when attending college or university often involves participation in activities that happen both on and off-campus, regardless of where the student lives.


In summary, living off-campus does not affect a student’s social life negatively. Commuter students can easily get connected and involved with campus life by simply getting involved. Students can join an intramural team, become a member of a club, travel to school sporting events, etc. The opportunities to enjoy a rich social life are available for all students!

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