Proven Strategies for Rental Property Listings

Friday, March 21, 2014

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At Places4Students we see a lot of great rental advertisements uploaded to our website. We decided to put together this helpful list of do’s and don’ts for online rental property listings to help landlords and property managers create outstanding advertisements!




1) Take a variety of pictures:
Listings with pictures generally get more views 


2) Have a creative title:
Stand out to capture renter's attention. 


3) Remember your target market:
Think about what students would be most interested in. 


4) Set a fair rental price:
Research your rental market. Price your rental competitively.


5) Look at other rental ads:
See what other landlords in the area are offering.


6) Use bulleted lists:
Bulleted lists are easier to read than a large paragraph of text.


7) Review before posting:
Make sure all of the info is right- especially your contact info!




1) Post undesirable pictures:
Don't post photos of a messy room or cluttered space.


2) Put the description in ALL CAPITALS:
You may want to command attention but it's hard on the eyes!


3) Leave your ad up after it's rented:
If the property has been rented, take it offline!


4) Discriminate against tenants:
Laws against discrimination must be adhered to.


5) Exaggerate or misrepresent info:
Make sure the info you include is accurate and up-to-date.


6) Be slow to reply to inquiries:
Reply promptly! Otherwise students might find another rental.


7) Excessive use of abbreviations:
Students may not understand your abbreviations.


By following these proven strategies, you will increase attention to your online listing!

The Team