Showing Tenants Some Love – The Small Gestures That Can Make a Huge Impact on Your Bottom Line

Monday, February 11, 2019

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With Valentine’s Day celebrations and love being in the air this month, have you thought about tenant appreciation gifts? has got you covered!


Here are some inspirational ways to recognize your tenants, keep them happy and improve your lease retentions!

A Welcome Package

Move-in day is the beginning of your tenant-landlord relationship and a welcome package is the perfect way to start your journey off on the right foot. Fill a basket with local treats, fan gear from your tenants’ new school or even something related to their major! Need some other ideas? All Property Management discusses additional ideas to welcome new tenants home.

Give a Gift That Stays

An upgraded appliance or renovation is typical for this category. Think, however, about spicing things up with something a little more unique. Reward a lease renewal or on-time rental payment with a new TV or patio set for your tenants to enjoy while living in the unit.

Recognize Notable Dates for Your Tenants

While a birthday is the go-to date, try thinking outside of the box on this one too. Are exams around the corner? Send over a mini de-stressing kit filled with items to reduce stress. Is your tenant graduating? Print custom labels on a bottle of wine or sparkling cider to congratulate him/her and say thanks for choosing your rental as a home away from home.

Referral Credits

This is a great way to build new clientele, while also keeping current tenants happy. Many property management companies, such as MO2 Properties, give a credit towards rent when a full-term lease is signed by a referred-tenant. This is a great way to keep your units filled, by rewarding your tenants for playing a role in referring friends. 

Unique Calendar Events

Picking themed calendar dates is a fantastic excuse to show your tenants appreciation. February hosts National Cupcake Day – drop a goody basket off with the simple ingredients to make yummy cupcakes. April hosts Earth Day – put together a gardening themed gift or a basket with candles to help celebrate the event. Not only will tenants love these gifts, but they will also wait in anticipation for what's coming next!


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