About Us - A Bit More


Places4Students.com is the proven Off-Campus Housing Listings Resource for over 140 college and university campuses throughout North America.

This established listing service has been operational since 2003. Within 13 years of operation, we have helped over 97,200 landlords and property management companies advertise their housing vacancies to students effectively.


What’s our edge in this niche market?

We partner with academic institutions and student associations to provide off-campus housing options for their students. As each partner's exclusive service, faculty & staff promote it and refer students directly to Places4Students.com. As well, they share in the revenue generated from rental property ads! Listings are in real-time; accessible 24/7; descriptive with photos, amenity icons, floor plans and include mapping from each rental property to campus; Smart Search features and much more!


What sets us apart from other companies?

Places4Students.com was created from within a college and university environment by a Marketing & Facilities Manager. We truly have the greatest understanding of student, school and landlord’s off-campus housing needs. We are a young, energetic and vibrant team that is bringing a service to the college and university community that students need.

All our website development, upgrades and maintenance are performed in-house by our experienced team.

Places4Students.com focuses 100% of our efforts on providing students, schools, student associations and landlords with off-campus housing solutions. Our service is completely fluid to meet the individual needs of each college or university we partner with. Each partner’s web page is branded with its logo and information, to serve as an extension of its official website. All services are provided to student associations and academic institutions for FREE. Our team assumes all the administrative costs and responsibilities associated with operating the service and returns a percentage of the revenue generated back to partners!